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Thank you for donating on behalf of the CENTURIONS team from Century21! Here’s a little bit of information about who we are and why we like to paddle in this festival.

How we came to register as a team – This is our 5th year competing. The first 2 years we successfully
partnered with Sabre Systems and then struck out on our own – we’re looking to win! Wish us luck!

How we came up with our name – The “Centurion” award is one of Century 21’s highest
achievements and to achieve CENTURION® status is to earn one of the most prestigious awards
presented to a CENTURY 21 producer, individual, team or office. CENTURY 21 New Millennium has
over 900 agents and 21 offices across Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia which all strive
for the coveted Centurion status. We’re all CENTURIONS here on Team Centurions!

How we decided upon our costumes – Selected to complement the Roman Centurion theme,
drawing on Centurion attire and roman mythology. Of course, silliness was also a key factor. Never
miss a chance to have your bosses wear a funny hat! Especially where photographs will be involved!

What kind of work we do – CENTURY 21 New Millennium has been the top-producing CENTURY 21
brokerage in the Mid-Atlantic each year since 1999 and has earned the distinction of No. 1 CENTURY
21 franchise in the World recognized five times since 2010.

What kinds of contracts we support – CENTURY 21 New Millennium is a full-service real estate
brokerage which specializes in providing traditional residential and commercial services, mortgage
and title and relocation services.

Check out our first race of the day in 2019:


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