Building Social Skills

This 12 week virtual program is designed to educate, enhance and promote independence among adolescents through adulthood by learning social skills in a group format.

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Building Social Skills Program with SMCR

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Individuals with developmental disabilities often struggle with communication even during "normal times", but the last two years of social distancing and isolation have caused this population to face even greater challenges in developing social skills and forming meaningful relationships. The primary outcome of the program is for the participants with developmental disabilities to learn the social skills that are needed to further their education, acquire employment, and feel like an integral part of our greater society.

Program Details

This program is open to 12 participants. It will be held on Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 7:30 pm, March 31 to June 16, 2022. The cost will be $50 for the 12 week program. Scholarships for cost adjustments are available if needed. Registration is underway now.

VIRTUAL - Classes will be held virtually from 6:00-7:30pm on Thursday evenings. This virtual format will accommodate more individuals who may not have access to transportation to a common meeting place location in the evenings, especially since some could be traveling a significant distance.

INSTRUCTIONAL - Each class will consist of an instructional period where the participants will learn a communication skill or technique that will help them build more meaningful personal relationships and excel at school or in the workplace. Most of the sessions will include an assignment that will reinforce the skills taught during the session.

CONVERSATIONAL - Following the instructional portion, each session will also include time for open conversation among the participants so they can practice their communication skills and form meaningful bonds with the other participants.

IN-PERSON - In addition to the virtual classes, there will be two in-person gatherings in which the participants will gather for an activity. For these classes, the instructor will ensure other community members not participating in the program are also in attendance. This will give the participants the opportunity to practice the communication skills that they are learning with those in the program as well as with others from the community who are not participating in the program. This will ensure the session is more immersive and inclusive. The specific activity, duration, and location of the in-person events will be determined closer to the program start date and may include a community service project.

Meet the Instructor - Sandy Norris

Hi my name is Sandy Norris. I am the Community Outreach Coordinator for SMCR ~Southern Maryland Community Resources~ I will be facilitating our new Social Skills Program for Teens to Young Adults beginning in March 2022. A bit about my background. I am a Mom of a 23 year old daughter with a learning disability. We live in a 1942 farmhouse on a wooded lot, so we definitely enjoy the outdoors. I am passionate about learning. I have worked for St. Mary’s County Public Schools for 17+ years in Special Education services. I graduated from Ashford University with a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Psychology. My training lies in multiple programs including ABA ~Applied Behavior Analysis~, Conscious Discipline ~Brain based learning to manage one's emotions and responses rather than impulsive reactions~ and self-taught in PEERS ~Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills~ Designed to assist communication for those with learning disabilities or who have experienced trauma related communication difficulties. I always had a desire to be a counselor, but I found through working with SMCR that I could reach a diverse population of people, each having unique qualities and interests to share. Human connection is invaluable in today's world and I look forward to creating that opportunity for others with our program.