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SMCR Dragon Quest

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You can still enjoy our fun trailer, even though the event is postponed.

Hear ye, hear ye! Here's a fun little teaser about our upcoming Quest. Do you have what it takes to complete the quest? Watch the video to find out!

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  • What is Dragon Quest?

    What is SMCR Dragon Quest?

    The SMCR Dragon Quest is a scavenger hunt for cash prizes across St. Mary's and Calvert Counties. This event is not timed, and gives you and your small social-distance-friendly group a fun day hunting around town for puzzle pieces to complete your hunt.

    From the starting location, you'll be given a clue to the next stop on the route. When you arrive, you'll pick up your coveted puzzle piece, participate in a team challenge, take a photo with the Station Banner, and be given a clue to the next station.

    When you arrive at the final stop, you and your group will put together your puzzle at a designated table which will be cleaned specially for you! Take a photo of your team with the completed puzzle and return home to await the results of the prize drawing.

  • Chariot Entry Fees

    Pirate team

    Chariot Entry fees

    To enter the Dragon Quest, the cost is $25 per adult. Children ride free! We will also set up a fundraiser page on our site for your team. To be eligible to win the cash prize, your team must raise $100 above your entry fees.

    To sign up for the Dragon Quest, please fill out the form here

  • Sponsor a Station

    Station Sponsor

    Your business can sponsor a stop along the route!

    If your business is located within St. Mary's and Calvert Counties, you may be eligible to sponsor a stop along the route. Hand out your swag and brochures to participants and encourage the fun competition! Our sponsorship levels vary from $500 to $10,000.

    View and download the Sponsorship Prospectus here

  • How is the Winner Chosen?

    Announcing winners

    How are the winners chosen?

    Eligible winners must qualify in several ways:

    • Must have all puzzle pieces at the final stop.
    • Must have photos at all stops.
    • Must have raised the required entry fees.
    • Must have a team name.

    If all the above requirements have been met at the final stop, the team will be entered into a prize drawing for several cash prizes.

    Each team that raises the minimum of $100 (not including registration fees) will be eligible for the 3rd place prize of $250!

    Each team that raises $300+ (not including registration fees) will be eligible for the 2nd place prize of $500!

    Each team that raises $500+ (not including registration fees) will be eligible for the top prize of $1000!

    Superlative prizes will be awarded in categories such as "Best Dressed Chariot Team" and "Best Chariot Decorations" among others!

    The chariot team which raises the most money will receive $250!

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Sponsor a station, and see the name of your business in lights! Learn more about our sponsorship levels and what you can get for your money. We believe that this will be one of the most memorable events from this time, and we invite you to join the Quest!

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