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Solomons Dragon Boat Festival has teamed up with Rowhouse SOMD to offer custom training for your team. Check it out!

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About the Partnership

Row House SOMD is a rowing studio located in the St. Mary’s Marketplace shopping center, near Harris Teeter and beside MOD Pizza & Club Pilates. Our high-energy, music driven group classes combine rowing intervals with floor-based strength exercises in the ultimate All-In-One, low-impact, cardio enhancing, full-body strength workout for all fitness levels.

Though our traditional crew rowing stroke differs in technique from the stroke used to paddle a dragon boat, there are similarities especially from a synchronization perspective. In dragon boat racing, water efficiency is key, which can be achieved if everyone in the boat learns to paddle in sync.

In our Row House Foundations class, we will teach you the traditional crew stroke used on our rowing machines and can focus your group on rowing in synchronization. This option will give your team extra time to focus on the important aspect of being in synch while paddling your dragon boat.

We would like to invite your team members to enjoy one free Foundations class session on us. For this free offer, each person will be booked individually into one of our standard group classes. For those who would like to sign up for an individual monthly membership, mention ‘Dragon Boat Festival’ and receive 10% off our monthly membership rate! If you would like to purchase private group sessions as a team (these would be scheduled outside of our normal group class times), we are offering the two packages below.

Train with a Coach

Up to 16 people have the opportunity to train in the studio with knowledgeable Rowhouse staff.

  • A single 1-hour session for $199.00
  • Pack of three 1-hour sessions for $549.00
  • Pack of six 1-hour sessions for $999.00

NOTE: A portion of the cost goes to SMCR

Train without a Coach

Allocate a 1 hour ‘open row’ time when up to 16 members of the team can come into the studio to practice rowing to build synchronization and power/strength.

  • A single 1-hour session for $149.00
  • Pack of three 1 hour sessions for $400.00
  • Pack of six 1 hour sessions for $800.00

NOTE: A portion of the cost goes to SMCR

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Rowhouse SOMD
44940 St. Andrews Church Rd.
Suite G-H
California, MD 20619

P: 301-686-7788

Get in touch today for more information and toschedule either an individual class or a group class.