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SMCR Dragon Quest

Do you have what it takes to join the Quest?

Due to the circumstances, we will be replacing our popular Solomons Dragon Boat Festival with our exciting SMCR Dragon Quest! Learn a little bit about it by watching the video.

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Hear ye! Hear ye!

There’s an elusive invader wreaking havoc in our realm of Southern Maryland and throughout the modern world. And now, it has even caused our Solomons Dragon to literally fall to pieces, curtailing his annual August appearance and eliminating the entire Southern Maryland Community Resources’ (SMCR) Solomons Dragon Boat Festival this year!

Yes, sadly, Covid-19 is forcing the cancellation of our Annual Dragon Boat Festival. But... we shall not be conquered this easily!

Announcing SMCR DRAGON QUEST 2020!

All brave lords and ladies of the realm, and citizens of their respective fiefdoms, are called to step forward and join SMCR DRAGON QUEST 2020! Do you have what it takes to help us locate the pieces of our dragon from the far reaches of the realm, put him back together, and slay the elusive invader?

The QUEST takes place on 15 August 2020, but preparations must commence prior to that day. Cedar Point Federal Credit Union, has led the way on this quest by anteing up a healthy sum for the cause, thereby claiming the title, Ruler of the Realm. Others are encouraged to ante up as additional sponsors in order to ensure a successful quest. Various levels of sponsorship are offered: Nobles, Knights, Defenders, and Merchants of the Realm.

Artisans of the Realm desiring to peddle their wares or foodstuffs are encouraged to join us as well.

Citizens of the Realm are those who choose to participate in the Quest itself, and all are encouraged to do so, vying for prizes in the process! Participation will require personal chariots (vehicles) with each rider donning personal helmets (masks). Each chariot team is asked to register its riders and will be assigned a starting time between 9 AM and noon. Each chariot will be taxed $25 per rider, age 16 and above, to join the QUEST. Those under 16 ride FREE! Each chariot team is encouraged to raise a minimum of $100 through personal fundraising efforts, but of course much higher goals are encouraged to better benefit SMCR of the realm (and for your team to qualify for much greater prizes)! Sir Somdcr.org stands ready to offer its services to assist each chariot team in raising these funds!

Just as the Annual Solomons Dragon Boat Festival has in the past, SMCR DRAGON QUEST 2020 serves to provide merriment for the people of the realm, while also raising greatly needed funds for Southern Maryland Community Resources (SMCR), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps to bridge the gap for individuals with developmental differences. This year’s merriment will abide by the ever-changing mandates of the realm regarding social distancing as we seek to locate the pieces of our dragon, reassemble him, and help slay this elusive invader. Visit us at www.somdcr.org/quest to sponsor, register to participate in, or simply sign up to be kept abreast of SMCR DRAGON QUEST 2020 developments. “For SMCR and our Dragon!”

About Us

Our Mission

SMCR is a private non-profit organization that promotes the inclusion of persons with developmental differences into the life of our community. We advocate for individuals with special needs, to recognize the inherent dignity that is theirs because they are members of our one human family. We promote social, recreational and educational opportunities in which individuals with developmental differences can contribute their unique gifts and develop their potential.

Our Goal

SMCR provides its members with social, educational and recreational programs that go beyond inclusion to incorporate people with developmental differences into the life of the larger community. SMCR programs are designed to first prove the concept that persons with disabilities can succeed in challenging activities in new settings, such as a cooking class in a commercial kitchen or a movement class in a for-profit gym. Then each program offers the SMCR member the opportunity to grow from competence to community involvement.

Our Achievements

SMCR has a broad vision of how communities and persons with developmental differences can live, work, play and learn together. We implement that vision at the personal level, one person at a time, because each person's needs and dreams matter. We hope to continue to grow so that we may touch the lives of more people in our community.


Our Opportunities

In order to achieve its goal of providing individuals with developmental differences a variety of social and recreational opportunities, Southern Maryland Community Resources offers many programs to its members at little-to-no cost through partnerships with businesses, schools, religious groups, and organizations in our local community.

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