Meet Our Chariot Teams

Sign your chariot team up now to participate in this summer's biggest social-distance-friendly event in Southern Maryland.

Read on below to learn what makes a chariot team and to learn more about the teams already participating.

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  • What is a chariot team?

    We know we've got a lot of fancy terminology here, so here's what you need to know in plain "olde" English!

    SMCR Dragon Quest is a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces at locations around Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties. Chariot teams will have the opportunity to win prizes while trying to decipher clues to determine where to find their next puzzle piece. Each chariot team will be asked to complete some type of “challenge” at each stop to gain the next puzzle piece. The Quest will not be timed; it is not a race.

    A chariot team is comprised of one motor vehicle which will be referred to as a chariot. Each team will be encouraged to dress up according to their team theme and to decorate their chariot as well!

    There will be prizes awarded for creativity, so really think about your team theme. You can see team examples in the section below.

  • What are the entry fees?

    Each chariot rider, age 16 and above, will be asked to pay a $25 registration fee to participate. Children ride free! Each chariot team will be encouraged to raise at least an additional $100 to benefit SMCR. Additional prizes will be awarded based on the amount of funds raised.

    Once you register your chariot team, SMCR will build a customized fundraiser page for your team. Teams are also encouraged to run Facebook Fundraisers on behalf of SMCR in addition to this customized page.

    All entry fees are nonrefundable and support SMCR's inclusive events for community members with developmental differences.

    Click here to see some helpful tips for starting your fundraisers!

  • Stuff to know.

    Chariot teams are encouraged to fundraise prior to the day of the Quest and even on the day of.

    Teams should decide on a "Chariot Team Theme" which would include group costumes and vehicle decorations. The theme can also be reflected in the chariot team name. For example, the "Queen Bees" might wear wings and black & yellow stripes on their quest. They might even put a stinger on their car!

    Time commitments: The quest must be completed by 5 p.m. All fundraisers close at 5 p.m.

  • Prize eligibility

    Each team that raises the minimum of $100 (not including registration fees) will be eligible for the 3rd place prize of $250!

    Each team that raises $300+ (not including registration fees) will be eligible for the 2nd place prize of $500!

    Each team that raises $500+ (not including registration fees) will be eligible for the top prize of $1000!

    Superlative prizes will be awarded in categories such as "Best Dressed Chariot Team" and "Best Chariot Decorations" among others!

    The chariot team which raises the most money will receive $250!

Meet our Chariot Teams

Jolly Jesters

Jolly Jesters

The Lehman family has been laughing and loving life together for the last twenty years.
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Blue Crabs

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