Life in the Wild -

an SMCR Arts4All Project

Spring 2021


In the spring of 2021, when activities were all virtual due to COVID19, SMCR embarked upon an Arts4All visual arts project, partnering with three local artists as instructors (Linda Craven, Pamela Callen, and Mimi Little) and three agencies serving individuals with disabilities (BayCSS, The Arc Southern Maryland, and The Center for Life Enrichment).

Over an 8-week period, the instructors led 40+ participants through several lessons based on the theme, "Life in the Wild". These lessons resulted in three specific projects:

  1. Scavenger Art: enlarge and transfer an image of a creature in the wild to a 9"x12" canvas, paint it, scavenge around your house/yard to find embellishments and add to the canvas
  2. Steam Punk Art: create a creature out of clay, paint it, mount it on household object(s)
  3. Mystery Art: receive a 2"x2" square of part of a painting, enlarge it to 6"x6", color it (paint, pencils, crayon, etc.), return to instructor who assembles each piece to reveal the Mystery Artwork

The CalvArt Gallery then exhibited the fruits of our participants' labor for the public to enjoy throughout May 2021. Enjoy!

Thank you to:

  • Calvert County for Non-county agency grant funding

all who came to view the artwork either at CalvArt Gallery or here online

all our participants

our Instructors

Bay CSS, The Arc Southern Maryland, and The Center for Life Enrichment staff

CalvArt Gallery

to Michael Reid of SoMdNews for publicity