Bowling Night

Hi! Meet SMCR.

Southern Maryland Community Resources, Inc. (SMCR) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that helps to bridge the gap for individuals with developmental differences in our community.

Our Mission

SMCR promotes the inclusion of persons with developmental differences into the life of our community. We advocate for individuals with special needs, to recognize the inherent dignity that is theirs because they are members of our one human family. We promote social recreational and educational opportunities where individuals with developmental differences can contribute their unique gifts and develop their potential.

We provide monthly programs to provide our members with social and recreational opportunities in order to enrich their lives. Members enjoy our programs at no-to-little cost through our partnerships with businesses and organizations throughout the community.

  • Dancing at the Winter Gathering

How We Do It

Our "Inclusion-Plus" Model, along with a focus on community integration and workforce readiness, make SMCR a leader in the community.

Inclusion-Plus Model

SMCR provides its members with programs that go beyond inclusion to incorporate persons with developmental differences into the life of the large community.

Building the Bridge: Community Integration

The key is SMCR Networking. The goal is to build a bridge between SMCR members (teens and adults with developmental differences) and the community at large.

Workforce Readiness

SMCR expects all people to be lifelong learners. This educational model is the basis for finding what motivates an individual, what is important to them

What We've Done

SMCR has been an active member of the Southern Maryland community since we were founded in 2013. During our short time as a part of the Southern Maryland community, we have formed partnerships with many community organizations, businesses, faith communities, advocates and families.

By leveraging these relationships, we have developed several social and recreational programs for our members that are inclusive and affordable. Our successful programming has been recognized throughout our community.

Our Partners