A New Way to Play

It seems as though we're all getting used to this new way to function in our current at-home situation. We hope you'll be able to use the resources on this page to keep busy and stay informed.

Virtual Programs Throughout the Week

Join us as we engage in various virtual activities throughout each week. We've got "Music & Movement Mondays", "Talented Tuesdays", "Wandering Wednesdays", "Thoughtful Thursdays", and "Fun Fridays"! Share your music, movement, talents, wanderings, thoughts, and fun with us, too!

Music & Movement Mondays

Join us in dancing and exercising

Dance with the Trolls

Dance with the Trolls

MOVE your body with the Trolls as they dance to "Can't Stop the Feeling"!

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Melt with Flow

Melt with Flow

Melting relaxation exercise with FLOW

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Learn about Instruments

1) Introduction to Various Instruments
2) Sing along to The Pizza Song

Join us in learning about a few instruments and the sounds they make. Then sing along with a fun Pizza song!

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Beethoven's 5th Symphony

Beethoven's 5th

Music and movement Monday brings us a Classical piece from early 19th century Germany. Beethoven was a composer, pianist, and a teacher of many. His music lifts our mood, brings us peace, and helps us reach back in time to sounds that brighten our day.

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The Wonky Donkey Song

The Wonky Donkey Song

Watch this silly song about a donkey with differences that faces his day with a smile regardless of his challenges. This lighthearted song is easy to follow and sing along with, and sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

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Talented Tuesdays

Showing different talents and encouraging you to share your talents with us.

"Happy" - Utah Down Syndrome Dancers

"Happy" with the Down Syndrome of Utah Dancers

Show us your talents! Share a video or picture.

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"Jump for Joy" Down Syndrome Utah Foundation

"Jump for Joy" Dance Program for Children with Special Needs

Enjoy the talents of these children and share your talents with us

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Learn to draw a minion

How to Draw a Minion

Kathy Barbro shares her drawing talent and teaches us to draw a minion. Share your drawings with us!

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Sign Language Choir

Watch as Christian, big sister Jade and their whole choir take to the Britain's Got Talent (BGT) stage to perform 'This Is Me', in a moving performance which really shows what it means to be different and beautiful to be you!

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Inspirations Dance Academy

Inspirations Dance Academy

Inspirations Dance Academy (a company for dancers with special needs) collaborated with the Absolute Dance Company dancers to create this powerful inclusion-based dance routine that brought the audience to its feet! There wasn't a dry eye in the auditorium as these kids showcased what kindness, acceptance, inclusion, and the beauty and celebration of dance and movement of all kinds.

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Wandering Wednesdays

Investigating the world in which we live.

Virtual events to celebrate earth day

Earth Day Virtual Field Trips

Take a virtual field trip to sunny Florida to celebrate THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF EARTH DAY! Click on links that will take you to ocean living, gardening and land animals that inhabit the world in Florida and here.

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Take a virtual tour of the Chesapeake Bay

Virtual Tour of the Chesapeake Bay

Take a virtual tour of the Chesapeake Bay, including habitats and critters that live among our wetlands, forests and beaches right here in Southern Maryland.

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Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, VA

Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, VA

Join us in a virtual tour of the Governor's Palace in nearby Williamsburg, Virginia. As you listen to the beautiful sounds of the background music, choose the icon on the locations you would like to visit to see the beauty and splendor of this amazing piece of American History.

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Bongo Antelope

Visit Adana (Addy), a Bongo Antelope

Let's go to the Cincinnati Zoo where we will meet a Bongo Antelope named Adana (Addy). Bongo Antelope are the largest forest-dwelling antelope in the world. After enjoying the video, take the quiz and check out the activities to learn more about the Bongo Antelope.

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Thoughtful Thursdays

Putting our thinking caps on.

"The Pixie Pandemic"


Join us to hear 2 thought provoking books to share: 1) "The Pixie Pandemic: Macho Has to Stay Inside" puts a spin on the reason we stay at home during this difficult time and 2) "What Do You Do with an Idea?" makes us think about how powerful our thoughts can be.

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The book "Love, Sophia on the Moon"

"Love, Sophia on the Moon"

Go on a moon adventure with the book, "Love, Sophia on the Moon" read by the author, Anica Mrose Rissi. Enjoy this imaginary tale of a young girl that runs away to the moon with her cat and soon finds herself discovering just what she might be missing by being away. Think about all that you are grateful for being just where you are.

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How flowers bloom in the spring

How Do Flowers Bloom in the Spring?

Thoughtful Thursday brings us a question that makes us think about the beauty of nature around us. Watch this mini lesson on how flowers bloom. The slow motion pictures are mesmerizing.

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Ivy and Bean (book)

Ivy and Bean

Join us for a fun-filled, thought-provoking story of friends in this audio book, "Ivy and Bean", written by Annie Barrows.

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Fun Fridays

Time for a little creativity.

Tea Bag Stain Drawing

Tea Bag Stain Drawing

Enjoy creating a Tea bag stain drawing with Artists Creating Together (ACT).

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Make a 3D Paper Sculpture

Create your own design using glue, scissors and paper to create a 3D sculpture. You could use the minion you made from Talented Tuesday and create a background scene for him to stand on.

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One Line Drawing

One Line Drawing

The creativity is in the drawing you want to make, so draw anything you can see in your space where you are. Remember to keep your pen or pencil touching the paper the whole time.

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Covid19 News and Updates

Review proper handwashing techniques... Know what to do if you feel sick... and links to other resources!

hand washing

Brush up on Handwashing Techniques

Proper hand-washing is extremely important, especially now. Watch this video to learn just how to do it.

What to do if you are sick

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms below, call your healthcare provider for medical advice. The following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure.





shortness of breath

Shortness of Breath

Maryland State & Local Resources