Fall 2021 - Life on the Chesapeake

In the fall of 2021, when activities were a hybrid of in-person and virtual due to COVID19, SMCR launched another Arts4All visual arts project in preparation for the holiday season. Once again, we partnered with three local artists as instructors (Linda Craven, Pamela Callen, and Mimi Little). Three classes were held each week over an 8-week period. Participants included members of BayCSS, The Arc Southern Maryland, and SMCR.

The theme of this series of classes was "Life on the Chesapeake". Lessons included painting with watercolors, creating stamps, and working with mixed media. These lessons resulted in two specific projects:

  1. Wreaths: using homemade stamps, watercolors, and other media, participants created wreaths representing the theme, "Life on the Chesapeake"

  2. Handmade Cards: using homemade stamps, watercolors, mixed media, and drawing, participants created 4 or more cards to be sent to others or to be assembled as a card bundle to be given as a unique, personal gift.

Special Thanks to:

Calvert Non-County Agency Grant Funding, our instructors, Bay CSS, The Arc Southern Maryland, all participants, and all who support SMCR!

Check out the creativity below!