Annapolis Dragon Boat Club

Annapolis Dragon Boat Club


Two teams from Annapolis Dragon Boat Club

Annapolis Dragon Boat Club is a unique, non-profit organization that has been in existence since 2010 that provides support and recovery for cancer survivors. Our home is located in beautiful Annapolis at Pier 4 Marina on Spa Creek. The Club members are breast and other cancers as well as supporters. The mission of the Club is to promote the development of healthy bodies and spirits, to support recovery from cancer and to grow friendships and team work. The Club’s mantra is “Paddling with a Purpose”


Here is a photo of the Annapolis Breast Cancer team, HER2&U, which returned from the 2023 IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival in New Zealand in April. And for the first time ever the Annapolis Dragon Boat Club registered a Mixed Team, named TAHI (Maori/NZ meaning "first") for the Washington DC race in May. We are excited to bring both teams back to Solomons this year.