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RowHouse SOMD Team Fundraiser

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Thank you for donating on behalf of the RowHouse SOMD Teams!

Row House SOMD is about more than just a workout, it’s about PEOPLE, CONNECTION, STRENGTH and COMMUNITY. Our Dragon boat team is made up of both coaches and current members. Our studio empowers people to live better through the valuable health benefits of rowing-based fitness and we are an inclusive community that pulls together to support one another to achieve their fitness goals – literally pulling together to live better. We are one team; one boat. Watch out Dragon Boat 2021; our RowHouse SOMD Crew is ready to work!!

When we asked Rowhouse members to join our team, they showed up in force. So we split into two teams! One team is “RowHouse In sync…Bye Bye Bye” and the other team is “Crabby RowHouse Sharks”. Our members are going out into the community to fundraise, and that’s where YOU come in! If you’re contributing on behalf of one of our members, please choose their name from the dropdown list below. 

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